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Dial 00000000000 to record your call!

Access number will expire 0000-00-00 00:00:00.

*This call will cost 0p/min when dialled from a BT landline.


We cannot provide a recording service for that number at the moment!

Record Outgoing Calls

  1. Enter your details into the form here to retrieve your access number and call pricing information.
  2. Dial your access number and you will be connected to your desired destination.
  3. After your conversation, an mp3 recording will be delivered to your inbox.
*Calls will cost 13p/min plus your telephone company's access charge.

Record Incoming Calls

  1. Complete the form here and retrieve your unique personal phone number.
  2. Give this phone number out to anybody you wish, and every call to this unique number will be recorded.
  3. After your conversations, an MP3 recording will be delivered to your email inbox.
*Incoming call recordings are charged to the caller at 13p/min plus the telephone company's access charge.

Use 00000000000 to record your incoming calls!


We cannot provide a recording service for that number at the moment!

Start recording now

InstantCallRecording is a call and record service for landline and mobile use, providing you the best way to record phone calls. The service is free to use, all you pay is the low cost of the phone call.


How to record phone calls

To record a call, simply enter your details into the InstantCallRecording access number retrieval form here, and dial the number returned. When you end your call, an MP3 file of your call recording will be delivered to your email inbox. Maximum call duration of 2 hours.


Record calls from a landline

Our call recorder service can be used from any landline, within 6 hours of access number retrieval.


Record calls from a mobile

In order to provide a hassle free call recorder service, our website has been optimised for mobile internet. Your retrieved access number can be dialled directly from your mobile web browser.


Perfectly designed

For an easier to use service, we provide extra features to help you manage your call record.
On initial use, you will be provided with a password for access to your own InstantCallRecording account page, where you can download and listen to all your recordings at your leisure.

Recordings should be available within minutes of call end, though long call durations may cause slight delays. Please enable Spam filters to accept emails for ease of use.

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